2017-03-28: ALL WORTH IT

avatarben2017-03-28: It's been a while since I talked about the actual comic, so let's do just that. Actually, let's talk about pencil and inking brushes! :D :D :D

(Yes, yes you can leave now. But please don't. God I'm so lonely.)

If you're a digital artist like myself, you're probably using some kind of drawing software, like... er... well I only use Manga Studio 5, so that's all I can comment on. I also use Photoshop Elements to fix (extremely rare) mistakes, but all the drawing is made in Manga Studio; I really can't recommend this software enough. It's incredibly flexible and it's cheap, while also offering a myriad of features you'll probably never use. However what it doesn't offer are fantastic brushes. This is where Frenden comes to the rescue.

When I first got my Cintiq tablet, I was like "hey this is awesome". Then I turned it on and it was even more awesome (hur hur hur). But seriously, once I installed Frenden's brushes, I never looked back, and I couldn't imagine working without them. With those, it really feels like you're drawing with pens and pencils, and you get dozens of different tools to fit your style. So don't just sit here looking at this webcomic: get Frenden's brushes and make your own webcomic!

(And when you're super successful and famous, be sure to link to DazzWorld plz.)

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