2017-04-04: STAY TUNED

avatarben2017-04-04: First, I want to say I'm not really proud of that page, I struggled with the art and honestly I think it turned out pretty bleh. I wish Anita could get up and move around more; I just need her to stay right there at the moment.

However, if you've been supporting DazzWorld on Patreon, you might recall I posted this particular scene as a "sneak peek" sketch a month ago, but back then I drew Bernius showing Anita one of the deadly robots' severed head instead of the Madman's book. Indeed, I decided to replace the head with the book because it just made more sense from a practical point of view to bring back the book; it just didn't occur to me before... yesterday. :P

There's also an issue I'd like to address, which is the issue of the characters' seemingly bottomless pockets. This is not the first time in DazzWorld that a character has produced an object from thin air (Bernius has not been shown holding the book before), and I have to admit: this is just now starting to bother me. In my head this was never an issue, DazzWorld being mainly a humorous comic: the characters have always been meant to have a "video-gamey" feel to them, just like Tintin sawing his way out of a car's trunk because he always keeps a saw in his pants for some reason. In this particular case the Dazzling Heroes' inventory didn't need to be shown, as long as it was known.

Still, as I said, this kind of detail is starting to bother me, and unfortunately this is a limitation inherent to webcomics (there's no time to go back and photoshop that book in the previous pages). So I'll try to be a little more consistent in the future. But for this page's sake: let's just say the book was in his pants (or not, let's just not.)

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