avatarben2017-04-11: I spoke a lot about how I thoroughly enjoyed Zelda: BotW, but I came to realize the game is not without its flaws. One of them is: as you progress through the game, it becomes a little less fun. It becomes less about survival and more about completing a basic quest, and you kinda stop paying attention to your immediate environment.

Most reviewers have praised how the game "forces you" to use your environment to defeat enemies, like showering them with boulders or burning them to death with a flaming spoon. Well yeah, but the more you progress, the more durable the enemies become, even in areas previously populated only by low-level enemies. So now when you explode them with a dozen TNT barrels, it only removes a tiny, tiny portion of their health bar; and then you have to fight them anyway. Meh.

So I decided to start over with the objective of completing the game without gaining any extra heart container (ie: not completing "shrines"), which in theory should keep the enemies from becoming indestructible and retain the whole survival element of the game. I don't know how it'll go, but as soon as I started over, the game felt fun and fresh again. You're just some mute elf guy pitted against a seemingly unconquerable world filled with things that can kill you in a single hit, and that's just great. If you own BotW, I highly suggest you try that!

I also changed the game's language to French, and I have to say, the translation is really well done. I feel as I'm playing in one of those old Euro-Japanese Saturday morning cartoons like The Mysterious Cities of Gold, or The Moomins or... Sherlock Hound? Anyway, great stuff.

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