avatarben2017-04-25: A story really caught my attention this week: there's this channel on Youtube (I'm not going to name it or link to it; google it if you're so inclined) that's essentially a family vlog, except it also contains obvious cases of child abuse, both physical and mental. Like, real abuse, to a point where even if the videos are fake, the "faking" process can still be considered abuse. You don't "fake" having one kid slap his sister accross the face, and that was among the least shocking of videos.

When the channel got the attention it really deserved (public outrage), the owners started releasing half-assed apology videos, saying the content was fake, but in the end the only videos that came out as fake were the apologies. Go figure, and it really didn't matter either way. Now all videos have been taken down, and I can only hope these people are under serious investigation.

But, incredibly enough, the videos themselves weren't the most shocking part of the story. To me, what's really shocking is the fact that this channel had OVER 700K subscribers. SEVEN. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. So of course when people started getting outraged about it, a flock of fans came to the owners' rescue, using solid arguments such as: "it's just a prank brah"; "this is my favorite channel please post more brah"; "people are just jealous haters brah" (with all the mandatory typos of course). It quickly became obvious that the majority of these 700K subscribers were little kids and teens with no moral compass or ability to make a sensible sentence.

Everybody knows Youtube can be an infinite cesspool of filth, but the fact that so many children can just get on there, subscribe to the stupidest of channels, and base their worldview around it is quite frightening. I know we all want to be cool and permissive, and think our kids are more mature than the rest, but there's no way around it really: don't let your kids alone on Youtube; just because it appears "respectable" doesn't mean it is. In the end, even if it's all fake, kids gain nothing by being regularly exposed to Jackass-quality trash.

And if you're a kid or teen yourself, please don't take this personnally. I've seen a lot of younger people comment about how the videos were wrong and disgusting, and that's reassuring. But in the end, everyone would be better off watching something else. When adults watch distasteful content, at least they have the excuse of being old and tired and closer to the grave.

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