2017-06-06: LEANING ON...

avatarben2017-06-06: Hey, I'm back from Ireland!

All in all it was a nice trip, with one serious negative: my daughter wanted a leprechaun doll as a souvenir, but it needed to be pink and purple. (Because no matter how much I tried to make my little girl like all the colors of the rainbow and hate on terrible, terrible pink, it just didn't work and I'm a failure.)

So I thought to myself: "Hey, no problem, they sell so many green leprechauns, they probably have some other models for insane tourists". Well NO. They DON'T. You want a leprechaun doll in Ireland? It's going to be green. Actually you want something from a gift shop in Ireland? It's going to be green. So when people start claiming that green beer isn't a thing in Ireland: yeah right, no, it just HAS to be, because they have a green version of everything, and pink versions of nothing. Except that one stuffed sheep that looked seriously unsafe from a chemical perspective.

Look, I know leprechauns are supposed to be dressed in green. But what about the non-conformist leprechauns? What about the different leprechauns, those whose voices are never heard, those who want to scream to the world: "Here I am. Don't judge me. Love me." You don't see them, they never speak out. They're afraid of the backlash, of the oppression and bigotry of the Greens. You know what Ireland? I'm starting to feel your lack of empathy for leprechauns with alternative palette choices is somewhat... troubling. Surely this can't be intentional now is it? Like, you know who wouldn't have allowed pink leprechauns? A certain Adolf. Just sayin'.

(Hopefully now they'll have some in stock by next week.)

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