2017-06-13: SOMETHING LIKE...

avatarben2017-06-13: I recently started playing a PC game called Crusader Kings 2 and I still can't decide if I really like it, or if it's just deceptively addictive like some dumb mobile game or a Tamagotchi.

It's a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages, and you play as a feudal lord trying to establish his dynasty. Then you die from syphilis, and your first son inherits your land and titles, but you forgot about your wife's second cousin who's having none of that, and everything turns to chaos while you're trying to keep the Iconoclasts from converting the Orthodox, and maybe there's a crusade or two thrown in the mix. I know it sounds very dynamic, but really all you do is stare at a map and some menus for hours. So I... kinda like it?

I have to admit, it feels a lot more like an elaborate timewaster than a full fledged game. But in an age where fidget spinners are a thing, should I really be complaining? I'm not pondering on complex philosophical issues or reassessing my values as an atheistic existentialist, so, hey it's all good. I should really get one of those Hatchimals now, I bet they're cheap.

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