avatarben2017-08-01: I think I was still in Ireland when the fidget spinner craze took over the world. Or maybe I just didn't notice their existence before. But I remember walking in front of some bookstore in Dublin with a sign that stated they were "out of fidget spinners, stop asking for them dammit". I had no idea what a fidget spinner was, but I assumed it was leprechaun-related.

The other day, our daughter made a small scene at the store because she wanted one, and we still couldn't find a use for it, so we refused. She said some of her friends had fidget spinners. I wasn't really against the thing, I just needed more info. Plus, apparently her cousins weren't allowed to have them, so I didn't want to make a fuss about it. But then the cousins got their spinners, and so did my daughter.

Turns out, you don't need more info. Fidget spinners have no function or purpose. They're pieces of junk you spin while you hold them between your fingers. End of story. You fiddle with them for about 30 seconds before you get bored. Even kids don't care after a minute or so. How this even became a fad is beyond me. What's next? Oddly-shaped rocks? Inanimate carbon rods? Bottled air?

Good thing it's already over...

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