2017-10-31: BACK TO REALITY

avatarben2017-10-31: Super Mario Odyssey is just AWESOME.

Some people have compared it to Super Mario 64, but I wouldn't go that far. To me, the game that came the closest to replicate Mario 64's sense of wonder and discovery was Breath of the Wild; the climbing mechanics give you a feeling of freedom that just can't be compared to anything else. That's not really the case with Odyssey; you still know what you're in for. However, this game clicks all the boxes both Mario Galaxy games did, and a lot more. And it's so polished it's incredible.

Get it. Just... you know, get it. Also, my daughter can actually play it. She's busy with it as I'm typing this. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Thank you Mario. I knew you wouldn't fail me.

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