2018-01-23: HEADING OUT

avatarben2018-01-23: Hey Dazz-People,

Last week I promised an announcement, so here it is: starting next week, DazzWorld will officially go into hiatus for an indefinite period of time.

Wait, what? That’s it? That’s my announcement? Well, that sucks! :(

Yes, yes, I know. It’s a shame. But, here, let me show you something:


This is an overview of DazzWorld’s audience over time, since launch. Now granted, the steady decline at the end is totally my fault as I stopped posting on Facebook and Twitter a while ago, which has hampered the comic’s visibility a lot. But the peaks represent moments when I was actually paying for advertisement on multiple websites. I didn't do it last year, and you can clearly see the drop.

The numbers went up with ads, yes, but they quickly fell down again. So I got annoyed and stopped caring about new audience acquisition; I just wanted to reach a certain point in the story where it would feel right to put it on pause and catch my breath, and I always knew this would be it: the Dazzling Heroes leaving the Gulkaar village with Anita, with brand new costumes, ready to face brand new challenges. To be continued.

Truth is, I’ve been struggling a lot with time management in the last year, and I’ve been so exhausted by the comic that I couldn’t bear to post on social media anymore, let alone look for new advertisement opportunities. I suck at this, and would rather spend all my time making actual art and stories, and zero minute begging for clicks, comments, shares, etc.

So for months I’ve been finishing pages at the last possible second, and I even started recycling art for some panels, which I HATE. I almost never visited the site after posting and could not muster the energy to reply to comments. This is not what I intended for DazzWorld, and it’s neither fun nor satisfying, be it for me or for my audience. Going on hiatus, I intend to rediscover my passion for more elaborate and artistically fleshed-out projects, by opposition to the superfast weekly gag format.

However, DazzWorld is not dead. I will sporadically start posting the remaining pages on social media at some point, and probably repost the whole story so far on other platforms as well. I’ll try to be more active on The InTeRwEbz, if only to support fellow artists. And if I sense an interest for a DazzWorld comeback, it will definitely happen; albeit probably not in a weekly format.

For now, though, next week’s page will be the last. Thank you for reading DazzWorld, and thank you for your support through this (almost) three-year run. It was still a great experience, and I don’t think I’ve ever learned that much about the art of making comics.

I’ll be right back! ;)

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