Wallpaper #1: A taste of the DazzWorld
Year: 2015
Resolution: 1920x1080
Unlocked by: 100 likes on Facebook

This wallpaper has been made before the official launch of DazzWorld, so some of the elements may or may not appear in the comic. I made it mostly to give a general feel of the series.

Artist: Peter Rasmussen (Fatherhood. Badly Doodled.)
Year: 2016

This awesome comic is the result of me winning Peter's Santa Poopy competition alongside Crispin Wood of Small Blue Yonder. The scenario has been written by Peter's son Oskar.

Thanks guys! Awesome tanktop by the way. :)
Artist: Oskar Rasmussen
Year: 2016

This particular piece came in the mail with Peter's Toothbrushing Saga, and it broke my scanner for some reason. So all I could do was take a picture, but it's finally here, and so I will answer the attached question: no, his name is not Dazz, but it probably would've been a better choice than Bernius. :P

Thanks, Oskar! :)
Artist: Stefan Binder (Grande Gaming Comics)
Year: 2016

The winner of DazzWorld's 2016 Monster Contest!

I chose this one because of its healthy assemblage of seemingly endless classic monster features such as oversized teeth, tiny T-rex arms, and (of course) a bunch of tentacles.

Artist: Josh Pike
Year: 2016

The Ducksnake of Doom: "From an old D&D character (why you never hire a drunk wizard to make you an owlbear...)"

Come on now, everybody knows that from Volo's Guide to Monsters!

Artist: Oskar Rasmussen (Fatherhood. Badly Doodled.)
Year: 2016

The DazzWolf!

Apparently he's not affiliated with the Dazzling Heroes. At all. Doubtful, yet entirely possible. I might recycle him later; who doesn't like werewolves*?

*Dazzwolves are not affiliated with werewolves.

Artist: Peter Rasmussen
Year: 2016

This poor little guy has no official name. Well I guess he's a poor little guy. Maybe he's supposed to be enormous, but for some reason I can only figure him as some bedbug-sized nuisance.

I'll just call him Rasmussen's Parasite. :)

Artist: Arthan, age 5
Year: 2016

Now that's not just a drawing, it's a craft project! And it's not just a monster, it's a square-shaped monster!

You know that huge monster at the end of The Mist? They're cousins, and this one would've crushed the car for sure. No messing around.

Artist: Héméra, age 7
Year: 2016

Another craft project! Or should I say Lovecraft? Indeed, I'm fascinated by the utter darkness around the eyes of this drooling Cthulhu-esque beast. He's just ripped some poor soul's heart right out of his chest, and will soon be feasting on his unholy prize...

Cute! :D

Artist: Vance Amazing
Year: 2016

This monster came with no description, just his name: the Virus. And it is indeed a virus, yet this one can also bite. But why? I can only assume it's some kind of sick, twisted game, where you get eaten alive but -just before- you catch Ebola. Just because.

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